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We are the Official Shasta Wings Club, founded in early September of 2014 by Kimberly Luckett Curry with assistance from Mark & Melissa Lucas, coming to life along with the Shasta production of these nostalgic travel trailers. Our clubs' main  purpose is to unite Reissue Shasta Airflyte owners and share factual information - including fixes, upgrades, add ons, recall information - and to organize and attend 'Wingstock' rallies and 'Wing-it' rallies, as we make memories and new friends. It is so fun to be the very first owners of the Reissued Airflyte! We are starting a new chapter in the history of 'the original vintage trailers' story books.... and we'd love for YOU to be a part of the story!

"If I know anything about my 1961 Shasta Airflyte ReIssue, I learned it from following the Shasta Wings Club. Educational, entertaining, and essential reading!"

While we love our personal interactions at rallies, our main communication and connection is online via a private Facebook group. There, we share photos, ideas, tips, and information, and have daily discussions about all things Shasta and camping. Through the group, you'll make new friends, learn a lot about your very special trailer, and be included in all Club news & events. (Check our 'Events' page for more info on our rallies, shop our official Marketplace, and our 'Contact' page for links to join our club if you are already an owner - or to our trailers for sale page if you'd LIKE to be an owner!)

Shasta Wings Club has been endorsed by Mark Lucas; former president of Shasta and the creator of this limited edition trailer, on Retro Renovations . While our club is not part of or affiliated with Shasta RV, we  also have a club store that sells members-only Club-designed Shasta reissue logo merchandise. 

Shasta Wings Club facebook page

'Wingstock' = A Shasta Wings Club sponsored rally. Hosted by one of our Clubs' Regional hosts.
'Wing-it rally' = A rally for ALL Shasta Wings Club members, hosted by any member.
'Wingnuts' = Shasta Wing Club members often refer to themselves as a 'Wingnuts'  just for fun!