Our Club holds an annual members-only rally in the fall of each year, in central Texas,

providing Shasta Re-Issue owners the opportunity to meet one another and create happy camping memories

as we 'circle the wagons' and camp (or 'Glamp'!) as a community of Shasta ReIssue-loving fans. 
While our annual official 'Wingstock' club rallies are held for club members only, there are occasionally 'Wing-It' rallies

organized by club members that include non-member Reissue owners. 

NEXT RALLY: Our 5th Annual Wingstock Rally will be held in Fall of 2019! Stay tuned for details.... 

A Birds-Eye view of our Texas Rally location's 'center circle', filled with Reissues!


Photos used on our site have been shared by owners past and present on our Club private group page on facebook.

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